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The power of XPERIENTRIX™ is in the predictive analytics it provides and the ability you have to use those analytics to alter your business plans appropriately.

The processes for determining what changes are necessary and what innovations need to be made in order to improve your Team Member Engagement index (TEI) and the Customer Recommendation Index (CRI) are simple and we will be there to help make it even easier.

You are able to determine, by location, where that location is relative to the benchmark for TEI and CRI scores. We recommend the benchmark be established as the highest performing location score in your system. XPERIENTRIX™ allows you to modify the benchmark if you have multiple types of locations, varying in size, number of team members, etc. You have the ability to establish different benchmarks to accommodate the uniqueness of your Brand. Each location will have a benchmark allowing for comparisons of like locations in your system.


By comparing the benchmark score to the score of a particular location, you can examine the behaviors and the execution of the operating system in 4 areas.

  1. Are Team Members’ beliefs in alignment with the Mission, Core Values, Vision, Brand positioning, Brand promise, and Brand purpose?  And are these embedded within each Team Member?
  2. Are the behaviors demonstrated by the Team Members to one another and to Customers, the correct behaviors?
  3. Are your processes and systems being fully, completely and consistently implemented?
  4. Is your technology being properly utilized?


Root Cause Analysis

When any of these 4 areas are not being correctly implemented it will be reflected in the TEI and CRI scores.  As this occurs, you will perform a “root cause analysis” to determine if your Customer experiences are designed using the most current and accurate answers to the following five questions:

  1. Who are our Customers?
  2. What do our Customers value?
  3. How do we enhance what they value?
  4. What do we need to stop, start, keep, change, and improve, that would embed our beliefs in our behavior with one another, resulting in a "Great Place to Work" and in experiences enhancing what our Customers’ value.
  5. What do we need to stop, start, keep, change, and improve in our processes and technology, to ensure we are delivering what customers value and creating a "Great Place to Shop"?

The true power of the XPERIENTRIX™ tool is the opportunities to predict profit and growth and provide early warnings when profit and growth are off track. Collecting data, by itself, does not help you make smarter decisions. Knowing the trends each location is experiencing, how Team Members and Customers feel, and who your best managers and leaders are based on their ability to create a “Great Place to Work” and a “Great Place to Shop” is PRICELESS data. XPERIENTRIX™ gives you this data in real time.


Meaningful data analysis begins with the XPERIENTRIX™ dashboards, which provide an overall snapshot of your current Customer Recommendation Index (CRI) ,Team Member Engagement Index (TEI), a benchmark of your past performance and ability to set goals. This is combined with “drill down” functionality, allowing you to identify areas needing improvement and the ability to create an action plan to correct them.


The ability to do “root cause analysis” and design action plans are what you need, not just more "warm and fuzzy" numbers that do not help you make informed decisions. This is what XPERIENTRIX™ delivers; simple, understandable, and actionable data you can use to make informed business decisions about what changes need to be made in beliefs, processes, behaviors, or technology to drive the future of your Brand and drive your current and future profit and growth.

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