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Great Customer Experiences generate an emotional currency that translates into a financial currency to drive Brand growth. Creating positive, valuable, Customer Experiences will put your Customer at the heart of your business. Equally important is understanding your Team Members’ level of engagement with the Brand.

XPERIENTRIX™ is a system designed to help companies drive profit and growth in the twenty-first century. In the twentieth century, the way we drove profit and growth, was by driving revenue and controlling expenses. We did that with processes of high quality, creating  zero- defect processes, and maximizing efficiency and effectiveness through the use of technology.

In the twenty-first century, we use all of these principles & knowledge from the twentieth century, and add to them, creating a dynamic culture in which people love to come to work, execute the business processes, and create positive experiences for the Customer.  Resulting in VERY satisfied, Loyal, Frequent User Customers who  promote the Brand to their friends  family, and sphere of influence.  This is how XPERIENTRIX™ will help you and your company drive profit and growth in the twenty-first century.

Team Member and Customer-Centric Philosophy

The idea of Team Member and Customer-Centric philosophy has evolved over the last 30-40 years. This shift occurred with these realizations:

  • The way Customers feel about where they spend money
  • The way Customers are treated
  • The way Team Members feel about where they work directly affects whether or not Customers will continue to do business with a Brand.


This Philosophy is achieved by creating a “Great Place to Work” for Team Members and a “Great Place to Shop” for Customers. XPERIENTRIX™ helps analyze your business in four different areas: philosophy, people behaviors, processes, and technology.


XPERIENTRIX™ can be leveraged to support the growth and profitability of a business regardless of:

  • Size
  • Industry
  • Single or multi-unit
  • Franchised
  • Company operated
  • B2B or B2C


To implement a Team Member-Centric and Customer-Centric Culture, you must assess where you are now and where you need to be in order to become a World Class Team Member and Customer-Centric Brand. Using XPERIENTRIX™ you will be able to identify any performance gaps, and implement the strategies and tactics necessary to get from where you are to where you need to be. This evolution will result in:

  • More new Customers
  • Greater satisfaction
  • Loyalty among your Customers
  • Higher retention of Customers
  • Highly satisfied/engaged Team Members


Today, Team Members care about the experiences they have at work and Customers care about the experiences they have when spending their money. As a matter of fact, Team Members will often accept lower wages where their experiences [satisfaction] are better and Customers will spend more money where the experiences are more gratifying even if the product or service is less than perfect.


This focus on Team Member and Customer Experiences is called the “Experience Economy”. We are all conducting business in this new Experience Economy. In the Experience Economy, Customers pay us for our goods or services in financial currency and we repay them for their business in emotional currency. They give us money and in return we give them feelings and emotions.


The emotional currency we pay the Customers for doing business with us, determines our future profit and growth. Emotions are currency. Emotions can be directly related to future revenue. Future revenue determines the economics of our businesses. So we can say, “Emotionomics Drives Economics”.


*Emotionomics™ is a concept developed by Dan Hill

World Class Brand

You might ask, how difficult is it to create a World Class Brand? How much time and effort does it take? In studying World Class Brands we have determined there are 4 keys to creating and sustaining a Team Member and Customer-Centric Culture.

  • Live the Mission, the Vision, the Purpose, the Core Values and the Brand Promise.
  • Fully completely and consistently implement the processes and the technologies that create a "Great Place to Work" and a "Great Place to Shop".
  • Identify the key performance indicators which will tell you if:
    • Team Members are living the Mission, Vision, Purpose, Core Values, Brand Promise, and
    • Team Members are fully, completely and consistently implementing your processes and technology.
  •  What changes need to be made to people, behaviors, processes and technology to enable Team Members to achieve the benchmarks that have been established for them by ensuring the Brand’s philosophy is being lived between and among Team Members and Customers and suppliers.


If these 4 key points are followed diligently, you will be able to create a Team Member and Customer-Centric Culture and it will drive profit and growth and help you become a World Class Brand.


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