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Management 2000 has had the extreme privilege to work with many successful Brands over our 30 plus years in business.  During that time, we have developed systems to assist Brands in becoming more Customer-Centric.  These systems have been developed and implemented in various stages with each Brand.

Below are a few comments from clients who have found the process to be beneficial to their success.

During the past 30 years, Mr. Gappa and the Management 2000 team have helped my leadership teams at different companies understand and implement Management 2000 principles, and to evolve our Brands to become more Customer-Centric.

The result of putting in place a customer centered culture over a period of years has contributed to increasing the average unit volumes of locations.  Even though I cannot divulge exact figures, the Management 2000 principles, processes, and the Management 2000 team, led by Bob Gappa, prepared us to successfully implement changes improving our customers' experience with the Brand.

The ROI for the project was definitely worth it and I would recommend engaging with Management 2000 to assist you.


Russ Cooper


FastFix Jewelry and Watch Repairs

I was introduced to Bob Gappa during an M2000 class on the basics of Franchise Consulting in 1995.  Over the past 18 years, I have been involved with developing domestic and international franchise systems for many of the best known Brands in U.S. and International Foodservice.

I have continued to personally participate, as well as having my direct reports participate, in numerous M2000 classes to this day.  Bob and M2000’s focus on the separate responsibilities of the Brand and its Franchise Partners in providing a customer centered program has led the brands with which I’ve been associated to dramatically increase same store sales year over year.  In many cases, it has afforded those Brands the ability to dominate their niche, as the competition set focused on cutting expenses and increasing profits.

I have found that M2000’s approach to focusing on the guest/customer has been the most intelligent and direct way to positively impact earnings and Brand growth whether implemented in the U.S. or internationally.

It is an honor to recommend Bob Gappa and Management 2000 to any company savvy enough to understand the importance of guest/customer focus in their business success.


Ted Leovich

President, Global Brand Consulting

Vice President, Wingstop Restaurants, Inc.

Over a period of 11 years Mr. Gappa and the Management 2000 team have helped our team to understand and implement their principles, processes and systems to evolve our Brand to become more Customer-Centric.  By implementing a Customer-Centric Culture, over a period of several years, we have experienced an increase in our average unit volumes.  At the same time, we put into place a method to track customer satisfaction and we have seen significant increases in their satisfaction ratings of Topper’s team members, the experience and their willingness to recommend Topper’s to others.

The Management 2000 system, the Management 2000 team and Bob Gappa helped us understand what needed to change in our organization to improve our customers' experience with the Brand.  We have continued to work with Management 2000 over the years, to “tweak” the original program with the latest technology and other improvements.  We have been very pleased with the investment and feel we have definitely seen a positive return on our investment.  We recommend you to consider Management 2000 to assist you and your Brand if you are embarking on a Customer-Centric Culture system for your Brand.


Keith Toppazzini


Topper’s Pizza, Canada

Management 2000 [M2000] brought extensive knowledge and experience of the franchise model to the table for us.  We are a relatively young company and Bob was easily able to analyze our business, quickly point out areas of opportunity and helped form and validate ideas we had for the future.

Bob is as knowledgeable an individual that can be found when it comes to franchisor/franchisee relationships.  He gave both our Executive and Operations teams the insight necessary to strategically improve our business. The philosophies and practices he taught, resonated with the team and, are being put to use throughout our system today.

M2000 also formed relationships with our franchisees and has been a The Counter® Ambassador which has strengthened our relationships across the globe and added legitimacy to our decisions in the franchisees’ eyes.  Bob and M2000 have been a pleasure to work with and have the ability to honestly and quickly know who they are talking to and how to communicate.  We look forward to future opportunities to have Management 2000 help improve our business.


Bryan Vicentini


The Counter

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